"WeSale" is an embedded Android application, with a centralized "WeSale-CC" Control Center. Allows increased responsiveness of your sales teams and development of your sales.

By eliminating delays due to traditional management methods and attributable input errors

Acquire a Quality of Service that meets standards and restore the image and brand image of your Brand.

The most suitable solution for VSEs and SMEs, with 0 infrastructure investment you do not need servers, routers, UTMs, NAS pro connection… or IT team this offer is the most economical and efficient for companies that do not have an IT team.

The on-site offer is the best choice if you have a well-equipped data center with a good IT team behind it. This solution offers you the possibility of consulting your centralized WeSale-CC offline with a local LAN connection, the WeSale-Server is available as a physical or virtual Appliance (Hyper-V or vmware).

This solution is a happy medium between the 2 first your physical servers dedicated especially for your company is online in our Datacenter and that maintenance ensured by our IT team, you can recover your server (physical machine) at any time.

Companies that have equipped their sales representatives with tablets have seen their turnover increase by 13% on average, and their conversion rate by 40%!

100% adaptable offer with assistance and support

offers the deployment model that best suits your business, taking into account key factors such as investment, expense, and acquisition and maintenance costs, from the very small to the most complex.

  • A sales development tool
    Elimination of delays and errors attributable to re-entries.
  • Replaces paper.
  • Better monitoring of the sales team.